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Monday 5th February 2024

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Sunday 4th February 2024

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Saturday 3rd February 2024

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Friday 2nd February 2024

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Thursday 1st February 2024

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Wednesday 31st January 2024

Account Management Billing - balance incorrect, payment errors

Ytel's third-party billing provider is experiencing an incident which is impacting the proper display of available funds, real-time usage calculations/ratings, and payment processing. We are in communication with their support team and are actively monitoring the situation.

Impacts: Available Funds: Customers may experience $0 or N/A as the available funds Real-Time Calculations and Ratings: Customers may experience delays in real-time usage charges Payment Processing: Customers may experience an inability to make a payment and fund their account. We do not recommend attempting payments at this time.

Workarounds: None are available at this time unfortunately.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause. Please contact our Customer Support team with any questions. Live chat is available 6-6 PST M-F, or send an email to

  • Our vendor has confirmed services to be restored. Ytel has begun to re-process the individual events that were impacted. This may cause a sudden drop in available funds as the usage is rated and calculated and may result in auto-recharge (if enabled) transactions being processed. Our team is working to minimize the impact to accounts where possible.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for remaining patient these past 2 hours.

  • This matter remains under investigation by our third party billing provider. We will provide updates as they are received. We apologize for any inconveniences this may be creating and we thank you for your patience.

  • Tuesday 30th January 2024

    No incidents reported